COUNTRY | REGION:  Central America

COVERAGE AREA:   Puerto Rico


Sprint operates a nationwide network with CDMA technology in the PCS (1900 MHz) and ESMR (800 MHz) bands, which includes CDMA EVDO Rev. A for 3G data. The company operates two 4G data networks: an older one using WiMAX technology in the 2500 MHz band that is slowly being phased out, and a newer, growing network using industry-standard LTE technology in the new G block of the PCS (1900 MHz) band. The company's ESMR band spectrum was acquired when the company bought Nextel in 2005. Sprint's 2500 MHz spectrum was originally owned by Clearwire, which Sprint was a partner in, and bought outright in 2013. The 2500 band hosts Sprint's WiMAX 4G network, but will be transitioned to LTE 4G in 2013-2015. Japanese carrier SoftBank owns a majority stake in Sprint.
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