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  • 2012 Apple product timeline. iPhone and new iPad both on schedule for Summer and Fall releases?

  • Date:1/10/2012 6:39:00 PM  |   Send to a friend  |Back To New List   

  • There are many rumors related to the iPhone 5 release date in the tech world. Next to the immense hype of the iPhone 4S review and features, the most discussed topic among iPhone lovers is the ‘iPhone 5 release date’.

    In fact, iPhone 4S was actually planned to be released at WWDC 2011 along with iOS 5. But something went wrong in February of this year. Apple was set to release iPhone 4S with iOS 5 but Apple was not able to get beta version of iOS 5 to developers in April. And it was almost impossible to get stable version of iOS 5 by WWDC.

    Another side, iPhone 5 teardrop plans were going ahead of schedule and first prototype of iPhone 5 was testing well. According to CNET, Steve Jobs was overseeing iPhone 5 project that sounds about right.

    Recently CNET said: …the iPhone 5 is a “complete redesign. This is a very large project that Steve dedicated all of his time to. He was not that involved in the 4S because his time was limited.”

    iPhone 5 release date rumor mill is now again up and appearing fairly early. According to the some expert views and speculations, iPhone 5 release date would be in year 2012, but the exact release date of iPhone 5 is not yet known. However, that doesn’t stop us from considering a few possible dates, events, and times.

    Macworld Convention – January
    The Macworld Convention was a critical event where Apple and Steve Jobs revealed the exciting possibilities for each year in front of the entire tech community.
    If Tim Cook, the present CEO of Apple decides to get involved with Macworld again, there is a strong possibility of a late January release of iPhone 5. Also, the iPhone 4S is selling like hotcakes and Apple isn’t going to spoil the 4S sales by releasing the 5 prematurely.

    Spring 2012
    Apple has followed the pattern of releasing its iPads in March every year. Therefore, spring time is now being considered for an iPhone 5 release date. Seeing that the iPhone 4S was released in early October, an iPhone 5 announcement in April, would give the 4S six months of uninterrupted sales. However, the iPhone 5 release date set for Spring 2011 may not give Apple an ample sales buffer between the 4S and 5, and even spoil things for an iPad 3 release, in its usual Spring launch.

    WWDC 2012 – June
    It is likely that WWDC 2012 could announce the iPhone 5 release date.
    Many people are of the opinion that Sprint’s announcement to roll out their 4G network – and supporting devices – by “mid 2012″ indicates that a 4G iPhone 5 could launch in June.

    October 5th, 2012
    Though no one would possibly want the iPhone 5 release date to be almost a year away, it could be true as Apple has typically put at least a year between its iPhone iterations.
    It could also be considered that Apple has not yet set a hard-line release date for the iPhone 5. The sales may dictate the schedule, and affect their decision from launching in June, or else waiting for October again.
    Judging from some of the failed iPhone 5 release date prognosticators of 2011, it can be said that there won’t be an iPhone 5 release – or any iPhone release for that matter – in August or the first week of September as August is a terrible sales month for most industry segments including Apple’s....

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