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  • Future Samsung smartphones to feature flexible displays

  • Date:3/7/2012 4:59:15 PM  |   Send to a friend  |Back To New List   

  • We first reported on a Samsung invention back in 2011 when they revealed that they were working on a cool foldable display. Today we cover a more robust patent focused like a laser beam on their upcoming "Flexible Display." We say upcoming because Samsung just confirmed last week that they plan to kick-start mass production of flexible displays in late 2012 for 2013 devices. Future Android devices from Samsung could take on the shape of a book or even something cylindrical in nature like a smart bracelet. A quick look at our cover graphic also indicates that they have another cool form factor in the wings that includes a pull-out flexible display. It's clear that hot Android smartphones sporting flexible displays from Samsung could ignite another round of wild innovation in the mobile space in 2013. And for device-crazed consumers, we see nothing but exciting times ahead....

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